About Kevin Kearns

Kevin paints from his experience with nature. His paintings are photographic from a distance: heavy brooding skies, light wispy skies, vistas derived from a studio perch over the Hudson River.

In some respects painted like old masters' works, his paintings show, on closer inspection, organic and abstract qualities. You can imagine the artist throwing paint, sanding it, dripping it and scraping it with explosive energy.

Glazing combined with intricate brush strokes and pallet knife strokes creates sumptuous and complex surfaces. The final application of clear resin seals the paint, in an effect similar to water on a sea shell or river rock.

Kevin paints from memory, never just rendering, but capturing the essence of a place. He confers the painting a sense of space and atmosphere. He demonstrates a keen eye and a raw emotion with a love of the land.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1957. Kevin currently works, teaches and lives in Cornwall on Hudson, New York.


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