About Robert Lambert

Robert Lambert has been painting since nineteen ninety when he left the world of fine art photography to devote himself full time to his calling.

During the last fifteen years he followed his desire to seek out new expressions by working in New York, Paris and Amsterdam.
His work currently resides in many significant international collections.

In two thousand and three after a prolonged period in Paris, a new series of oils, constructions and encaustics mixed media evolved. "South Tower, North Tower" a commemorative work of art reflecting on the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center was conceived in Paris and exhibited at Rockefeller University in 2002 - 2003.

Lambert returned to New York City where he moved into his studio at the Chelsea Hotel. He continues working on oils and mixed media paintings.

"There is nothing that focuses you better than feeling isolated and being a stranger."


2005 - One Man Show, Jean Pearson Gallery, Chelsea Hotel, New York, NY
2002-2003.  Exhibition, Rockefeller University, New York, NY
1998 - One Man Show, Jan Des Bouvries, The Netherlands
1997 - Group Show, Simon Capstick, Dale Gallery, New York, NY
1995 - Group Show, Simon Capstick, Dale Gallery, London, England
1994 - One Man Show, 16 Street Gallery, New York, NY


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