About Arielle Mark

Arielle Mark was born and raised in Munich, Germany where she developed a passion for art at a very young age. She moved to Paris after high school and studied art history at the Sorbonne. Arielle speaks German and French fluently and can converse in several other European languages.

A lawyer by profession and a graduate of New York University Law School, Arielle spent twelve years practicing art law and international business law in New York City. After retiring from the practice of law to raise her three children, she decided to follow her true passion and embark on a career in art. She studied art management at New York University and the New School to complement her educational art background.

Arielle has traveled extensively around the world for both business and pleasure, developing and nurturing long-lasting relationships with many artists. She and her husband, Andrei have been avid art collectors for over 25 years. Arielle brings to Mark Gallery a wealth of knowledge, a true passion for fine art, and a genuine desire to make fine art accessible to everyone.


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