About Alberto Murillo

Alberto is a native of Madrid, Spain where he lived and operated an Interior Design company and showroom.

A self-taught artist, he now lives and works in Tampa.  

Murillo's work has influences of abstract expressionism with concentrated areas of various colors including greens, oranges, yellows, blues that are swathed and poured onto the panel in a color blocking effect.

His artwork has been exhibited in over 30 shows across the United States, as well as Europe. Alberto's art is also featured in over 40 private collections and in several public art installations.

Artist's Statement

All my life I have felt a constant need to create, and have continually explored the fascinating world of colors, forms, lines, and textures.

My most current work is a result of a mainly intuitive process that evolves out of the combination of different materials. It's an exploration into the depth of the unconscious mind and then brought to life in an abstract manner. Through a very complex process, I manipulate and permanently preserve acrylic paint in UV resin. I modify and give shape to this polymer emulsion as if they are liquid skins that can be pulled, pushed, blended or isolated to create colorful, playful, yet lush paintings. When lit, the works become more translucent and project a glow. I am especially attracted to large-scale formats although my work can be found in many different shapes and sizes. My works are not painted on an easel but laid flat on the floor. In my paintings, I often have a general idea of where I want the work to go, but in the end it is only through an intuitive process that I discover what it actually is to become. The direct and indirect influence of nature on these paintings is the consequence of creating them outdoors.

At times, just one simple shape is placed on the canvas. At other times, an endless amount of shapes fill the space. My intention is to create a harmonious composition between the forms. My work is not about any one piece in particular but more about a life-long process of exploration.

                                                                     ~ Alberto Murillo


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