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"I am always searching among my collection of orphaned photobooth photographs for the man with averted eyes or the woman whose empty stare appears indifferent to communication beyond the lens. These un-self conscious expressions are emblems of the genuine self-portrait and the inspiration for my series Biographical Annotation.  This exploration of the paradox of the unobserved observer in the photobooth is a continuation of my investigation of portraits of strangers. This examination is motivated by a wish to reclaim these lost and forgotten souls by re-imagining their biographies."

"The images I choose for these encaustic* and mixed media portraits are selected individually and then again in response to each other. This curatorial process is somewhat circular as the photos are chosen, discarded and chosen again until an affinity develops among them. These tiny self-portraits are on my worktable for months until one day their juxtaposition, a swatch of paint, or a sketch calls for further development.  I then manipulate and enlarge the image to allow for more intimacy between the viewer and the work.  In this large format I can fabricate a memoir by weaving abstract, encaustic paintings and mixed media elements with the photobooth photos. Many layers of encaustic paint create a visual depth that is unique to the medium."

-- Marybeth Rothman

* Encaustic is luminous, pigmented beeswax.   The tree resin, damar is added to beeswax to render hardness. Encaustic paint is applied in a molten form with a brush to a rigid surface. A propane torch or heat gun is used to fuse each layer. This many layered process makes all imbedded material such as drawings or photos integral to the encaustic structure as well as creating a visual depth that is unique to this medium. The use of encaustic is first noted in the 4th century B.C. painted on the hulls of Greek ships. The most well known examples of early encaustic painting are the Greco-Roman, Fayum funerary portraits, from 100 B.C. to 200 A.D. These two thousand year old encaustic paintings can still be seen in museums around the world.


BFA Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Mark Gallery, Englewood, NJ. Faces & Figures, Curated by Arielle Mark.
Lanoue  Fine Art, Boston, MA. Lights, Camer...Click, Photography in Contemporary Art,  Curated by Susan Lanoue.
Mills Gallery Boston, The Future of the Past: Encaustic Art in the 21st Century.
Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA. What's In A Face, Curated by Jason Landry.
School House Gallery, Provincetown, MA. Conference Presenters, Curated by Mike Carroll.
Castle Hill Gallery, Truro, MA. Merge: Contemporary Encaustic Print Invitational, Curated by Cherie Mittenthal.
Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, Fl. Wax: Medium Meets Message, Curated by Leslie Neuman.
Heckscher Museum of Art, Hunntington, NY. Ripped - The Allure of Collage, with collage works by Jean Arp,         
Kurt Schwitters, Roy Lichtenstein, Hannah Hoch, George Grosz, Dali, Romare Bearden, and others, Curated by Kenneth Wayne.    
Projects Gallery, Miami, FL. Square Foot Art Basel Miami
Schiltkamp Art Gallery, Clark University, Worcester, MA. Kindred Spirits, Curated by Tobby Sisson.           
Carroll House Gallery, Keene State College, Keene, NH. New Views of Encaustic Work, Curated by Peter Roos.
Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA. Beeline, Curated by
Francine D'Olimpio.
Hewitt Gallery, Mary Mount Manhattan College, New York, NY, Waxing Poetic
Mark Gallery, Englewood, NJ. Winter Group Show
Tria Gallery, New York, NY. Identity, Three Artists
G.A.S. Gallery, Maplewood, NJ. Encaustic Group Exhibition
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Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, AZ
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Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Fourth Annual Encaustic Invitational
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Midday Gallery, Englewood, NJ. 1969-2009 ARTiversary
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Bill Lowe Gallery, Atalnta GA
Treasure Room Gallery, New York, NY, Artifacts of Gains and Losses
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Arts Guild of Rahway, NJ.  Beeing, Encaustic Invitational
Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL. 11th International Open
Middy Gallery, Englewood, NJ
Lauryn Taylor Fine Art, Carmel, CA
Broome Street Gallery, New York, NY
Pen and Brush Gallery, New York, NY
Monroe Center for the Arts, Hoboken, NJ
Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Frost & Reed Gallery, New York, NY.
Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY
Pen & Brush Gallery, New York, NY
Harriman Mason Gallery, New York, NY
Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD
Pen & Brush Gallery, New York, NY
Fraser Gallery, Washington, DC.
Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
The Salmagundi Club New York, NY  
Red Dot Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
National Association of Women Artists Gallery, New York, NY
Old Church Cultural Center, Demarest, NJ
Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood, NJ
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Pen & Brush Gallery, New York, NY
Red Dot Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
Art Center of Northern New Jersey, New Milford, NJ
Limner Gallery, New York, NY
Old Church Cultural Center, Demarest, NJ                                             
Juror's Award, Fifth International Encaustic Conference, Provincetown, MA.
First Prize, All Brush Exhibition, Pen & Brush Inc., New York, NY
Third Prize, Ninth Annual Georgetown International Art Competition, Fraser Gallery, Washington, DC
Artist of the Month, ManhattanArts.com, February 2005
Artist's Profile Award, Manhattan Arts International Small Works 2005,Manhattan Arts International,
New York, NY. Juror: Nancy di Benedetto, art historian and author
Award of Excellence, Sixteenth New Jersey Small Works Show, Old Church Cultural Center, Demarest, NJ.Juror: Bruce Weber, Director of Exhibitions and Research at Berry-Hill Gallery, New York, NY
Two Awards of Honorable Mention, Thirteenth National Juried Art Exhibition, Art Center of Northern New Jersey, New Milford, NJ
Award of Merit, 2000 Ninth Annual Cover Art Competition, Manhattan Arts International Magazine, New York, NY
Merit Award, Member's Show, Art Center of Northern New Jersey, New Milford, NJ
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Novo Nordisk Corporation, Copenhagen, Denmark
Rockefeller Family
Private Collections New York, NY and throught the U.S


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