About Kathy Buist

Kathy Buist's landscapes are of a very different topography. The pieces
convey a reverence for the earth, which manifests itself in quite sensual

Her works play on the elemental values of sun, water, and morning mist to
capture the spirit of each environment. It has been observed that some of
her painting almost impart the aroma of the earth. She seeks visual drama
with forms that could be storms waves, winds, or speeding clouds.

In her paintings, she also explores the transformational qualities of light,
using the subtle nuances found in refracted morning, afternoon or evening
light to embody a particular moment in time.

Perhaps these sensibilities are a result of having grown up on a farm in
rural Michigan - and a flower farm, at that.

Kathy uses expressionistic methods of handling paint, which she mixes
generously with medium. This material is then applied in sensual strokes
with brushes (both ends), sticks, rags, or her own hands - whatever
seems most appropriate. Although the resulting effect infers speed and
accident, her images are actually built up carefully in layers, and the
positioning of vibrant colors near muted ones occurs only after close

Kathy's work has won praise from The New York Times and has been
show in museums and galleries throughout the country. Kathy also
received much deserved acclaim by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine as
"Today's Masters". She also has the distinct honor of being part of Who's
Who in American Art.

"When I see a landscape, I'm always trying to look beyond the structures into something more inward,
more elemental."

"My inspiration to paint landscapes is my absolute love of nature. I love the way it looks, feels, smells;
its magnificent power and grace. From the most powerful storm and crashing waves to the wind blowing
softly across your face. The beauty of the light from morning to night - how the intensity of color
changes, from the vibrant reds, greens, magentas."

~Kathy Buist


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